March 27 2009 News From The Battlefield

News from the battlefield

Location: A battlefield in the Middle of nowhere (We believe that's in Belgium)
Situation: What looks like a hastily erected command tent, crooked, but still standing

Sitting in his folding chair, the ground trembling under him from nearby, heavy-artillery hits, the General steadies his hand holding the no-longer-steaming cup of tea and distractedly takes a sip.

Realizing it's gone cold, he sets it down on a nearby food supply crate and, with a slight groan, knees cracking, gets up out of his chair.

"Men, considering the news that just came in", he frowns at the scout, who barely 2 minutes ago struggled inside to deliver the last update from the front (And is now bleeding all over my damn command tent), "it looks like we're making progress, we ARE driving the Nationals back."
I just wish their aim was a bit worse.

Pointing at the bleeding scout he yells: "Major! Get this fellow patched up and send him back to the front of the lines with these orders. I'm sounding a temporary, tactical retreat.
We will regroup, bandage what we can, polish our boots, stiffen our upper lips, reload the guns, unpack and oil the BIG guns and pretty soon, we'll be driving that National scum out of our territory.

My wife expects me back before tomorrow night, and so help me, Sunday I'm sleeping in.

And for God's sake Goodman, fix that button, it's almost coming off and it really annoys me to see it dangling like that."

(We found what looks like the root cause, it's in the process of being fixed. Fresh hardware is in place. Testing starts this afternoon. More info later.)

- Major Goodman

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