March 25 2009 The Beta Will Be Back

The Beta will be back

Hello Heroes!

Thank you for your patience throughout the day, we really appreciate your dedication immensely.

We already knew that a lot of people have been anxiously awaiting the Beta; some of you already on their way to becoming veterans and some of you still brandishing the shiny, new Beta key, fresh in the inbox.

As you will have seen in our recent Twitter post, we simply never expected that so MANY of you would be THIS keen to get into the Beta, at exactly the same time.

Imagine the web servers to be the two-man army of Royals and everyone else the horde of Nationals storming the lines. Perhaps they got a bit scared ;)

We want to make sure that everyone (re-)joining the Beta gets the best playing experience we can possibly offer, so at this time, although it was a hard decision, we bit the bullet and decided to temporarily keep the Beta site down.

This will let us properly investigate and bring in some reinforcements.

The investigation will be taking us through the night and likely occupy some of our morning, so unless your day just started, it is safe to go to bed soon, get some rest and think up strategies to apply on the battlefield tomorrow.

We’ll be back with you as soon as we can and as soon as we have more information to share with you, you will find it here.

Please accept our apologies for this delay and again, thank you very much for your patience!


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