March 19 2009 Please Welcome The Ladies

March 19 2009 | Please welcome: the Ladies!

Hello Heroes!

As promised, here are the Battlefield Heroes Ladies.

Part 1 are the questions we also put to our devs in previous interviews.
Part 2 consists solely of the community's questions.

Let's get started!

Who are you?
Hej! I’m Åsa. I’m Tina. And I’m Bernadet.

Where are you from?
Bernadet: Well…. I was born in Indonesia. However, spent a lot of time ‘trying’ to grow up in The Netherlands (I am still short so the Dutch cheese and milk did not really work), but also spent some time in the UK somewhere during my life and now I live in Stockholm.
Åsa: Sweden – Born in Stockholm but spent most of my childhood in the wild forests of Småland.
Tina: Born and raised in Stockholm but am also known as the “fake Estonian” thanks to my Estonian roots

What do you do on Heroes?
Åsa: I’m the DD (Development Director) for the Heroes game team.
Bernadet: I am the Business Development Manager of Battlefield Heroes. I work mostly on partnerships with other companies trying to promote Heroes the best way possible.
Tina: My job, as Service Operations Manager, is basically to ensure that we operate BF Heroes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I am the one who sees it all, hears it all, remembers it all and reminds them all.

What’s your favourite Heroes aspect?
Åsa: That it is such a quick paced and fun game, easy to get into, but at the same time substantial enough to spend many, many hours on and have fun all the way. I absolutely love our play tests when everybody sits in the same room screaming, laughing and taunting each other across the room at the same time as the action goes on in the game. And of course the picking of costumes – a new outfit for every occasion on the battlefield. What more could a girl ask for? ;¬)
Tina: Climbing up and perching in the lighthouse, then shooting people in the back. Is that cruel? ;)
Bernadet: That it is free… yeah, that’s the Dutch in me that is coming out :) Ok, kidding aside, I love that I can customize my own character, so everybody can be as individual as they want to be, while playing in a team. There are some really great and funny items available as you can see in our trailers.

What’s your favourite class and why?
Åsa: Soldier – I like their abilities and versatility. Though I sometimes need to get an outlet for my liking of sneaking around and play as a Commando.
Bernadet: I love the Commando class. I suck at it, but I love ‘trying’ to kill somebody from a distance.
Tina: The Commando. Probably because I am an appallingly bad close-combat player and a genuine coward with fairly good aim. My slogan is “sneaky sneaky stab stab”. I actually managed to stab someone in the lighthouse. Once. And I still brag about it.

Bernadet Bonomi
Business Development Manager

What is the best thing about your job?
Bernadet: I like the variety in my work. I deal with a lot of different people, in a lot of different places, which makes it fun and also very interesting.
Tina: I love challenges and in this job there are new ones every single day. Not to mention the fact that I have the great fortune of working with a very awesome and talented group of people.
Åsa: Being involved in all aspects of making a game; from the planning of, to making sure it happens. Working with all the excellent people on the team.

How did you become a BDM a DD and a SOM?
Bernadet: That’s a long story… But in short, a degree in Marketing and going to Business School helps.
Tina: Being structured, organized and taking on challenges is part of my nature, something I live and breathe. So becoming a project manager to begin with was a pretty natural choice after studying Computer Science at the university. On top of that I’m also rather obsessed with games in general, so DICE, for me, was a given choice when I decided it was time to move on from my previous job. To make a long story short – I started out at DICE managing the Web Development for Heroes and moved on to manage the Service Operations of the game. The word “process” is now the new black for me.
Åsa: I’ve got a degree is in Literature and History of ideas but rather than moving in the academic world I aimed for a more virtual. My first “real” job was as a Web site coordinator in London and after a few years there I decided that I wanted to work with games and applied for, and got a job as a Localisation Project Manager with EA in the UK. Being a LPM you are quite detached from the core game development though which I really wanted to be part of so when I decided to move back to Sweden again I heard that they were looking for development managers at Dice so here I am 3.5 years later.

What other games have you worked on?
Åsa: In development teams at Dice: BF Modern Combat, BF 2142, BF 2142 - Northern Strike, Mirror’s Edge. As a Localisation PM at EA UK: SSX 3, FIFA, Harry Potter, Black & White and Total Club Manager.
Bernadet: I used to work on the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. It is basically a RPG with real cards, so technically it's not a computer game.
Tina: Heroes is my first. My background is the web industry.

What did you do before you joined Dice?
Tina: Back in the days of the dot-com bubble I worked as a project manager and team leader at the portal company Spray/Lycos and moved on to a content management software provider called Polopoly where I worked as a project manager with media website projects.
Bernadet: I worked at the company Upper Deck as European Brand Manager for the WoW TCG. They produce loads of Trading Card games like the WoW TCG, Yu-gi-Oh!, Huntik, Wakfu and such.
Åsa: I worked for EA in the UK before joining DICE.

What other games do you like?
Åsa: I do tend to like quite fast-paced games (I have little to no patience, so strategy is not really my cup of tea). I guess I’m probably also more of a social gamer so I like arcade games and games like Left 4 Dead and Soul Calibur. It’s been a long time since I played it, but I used to adore American McGee’s Alice.
Bernadet: I love playing World of Warcraft. I can play for hours and if I didn't have to go to work the next day I think I would play all night. But I also love the shorter games that I find on Pogo and I love Bejeweled from Popcap.
Tina: I worship the whole Final Fantasy series.

What is your all time favourite game?
Tina: Final Fantasy VII, no question.
Bernadet: OK, this one might sound a bit silly…. But I love Super Mario Brothers. Not all the new editions, but the very first one on the Nintendo! Just 2D; sweet and simple.
Åsa: Hmm, probably Ico. And I still have a soft spot for Donkey Kong as that was the very first game I ever played.

Any favourite bands, or music in general?
Bernadet: The type of music I listen too mostly depends on my mood that day. Some bands I love are The Fray and Snow Patrol, especially live in concert. And Jamie Cullum of course, he is great too.
Tina: There are so many, I don’t know where to start; but I guess I can list a couple of them: Christian Kjellvander, Antony and the Johnstons, Great Lake Swimmers, Carla Bruni, Roxy Music, Josh Rouse and Marvin Gaye.
Åsa: My music taste is rather eclectic, so it depends a lot on my mood. As ever reliable fall backs though, I would say Depeche Mode and J.S. Bach.

Tina Wellner
Service Operations Manager

What do you do in your spare time?
Bernadet: Besides shopping? I know, I am a typical girl… When I try to relax during the week or weekend, besides playing WoW, I watch all kinds of series on TV/DVD. Some of my favourites are The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, NCIS, How I met your mother, Grey’s Anatomy and of course I love watching re-runs of Star Trek. If I don’t have to work, unfortunately this is not too often;), I love to travel and my favourite activity then is scuba diving… It is the most wonderful and relaxing thing to do.
Åsa: Read, watch films, try to be a bit creative with writing and photography, taking walks, meet friends, yoga, travel…
Tina: I like to go running, play guitar, sketch and paint, make jewellery and clothes. I also read as much as I possibly can. Diving and travelling are two things I’d like to do more of and newcomers on the list are skateboarding and surfing as part of my mid-life crisis..

What, would you say, is your weirdest hobby?
Bernadet: I take pictures of my feet whenever I travel. So I have a collection of ‘My feet in’ Santa Monica, San Diego, New York, KoPhiPhi, Paris, Singapore etc…
Tina: Getting voluntarily beaten up on a recurring basis (sparring) by a rather intimidating colleague (I’m scarred for life). Office skateboarding is another one. And I know a worrying amount of Scrubs quotes by heart.
Åsa: I know that Dawid said in his “Developers profile” that he did this when he was little – but I still can not resist a pretty or cool looking stone when I see one, ha ha! Actually my friends complained about how heavy my stone collection was the last time they helped me move so guess it may be time to start collecting something else. Hm, I’ve always liked space rockets…;¬)

And what is your Nerdiest apparel?
Bernadet: Does my plaid skirt count as nerdy? No? Ok, I have a very cute Miffy T-shirt….
Åsa: My camouflage socks?
Tina: Probably my Japanese Star Wars tee

If I could be a game character, I would be… ?
Tina: I would be Cloud Strife!
Bernadet: My Blood Elf shadow priest. I would love to do magic irl!
Åsa: It would probably have to be a mix of Faith and Alice.

Your questions, the Ladies’ answers:

Skreeler: What is your favourite tv show?
Tina: Scrubs and Twin Peaks
Bernadet: Friends and Sex and the City (and they’re both finished :()

Reveal: Do girls really play FPS-games?
Tina: Absolutely, several of my girlfriends, who are not in the gaming industry, love FPS-games. Personally, BF1942 is still one of my all time favorites.

Reveal: Dream job when you were a little girl?
Bernadet: I wanted to be a pilot, like my dad.
Tina: I had several – archeologist, doctor and photographer at National Geographic

Mr Scientific: Is it worthwhile working at a gaming company and do you enjoy it?
Tina: Definitely worthwhile. It is a very creative and inspiring environment and you are surrounded by such talented people. I enjoy my work every day and it is a great feeling to work on a product such as Battlefield Heroes that brings entertainment and fun to people.

Melodicon: First video game you've ever played?
Tina: I think it was Paper Boy on Commodore 64. But my best memories are from the first Zelda game.
Bernadet: First ever, I think was Pacman, on one of those big arcade consoles

TBird-HQ: Is it true Goodman is in fact a female? And that she created a username that suggests a male gender just to throw people off? - Just a conspiracy I made up the other day.
Tina: If that were the case, she has a worrying amount of facial hair…

Sargent saurkaut: do you want female heroes?
Is this a trick question? :)

Wars120: How does it feel to work with men?
Shruikan: How does it feel to be surrounded by a buch of guys, like Goodman?
Reveal: What kind of atmosphere there is especially when you work with all those nerdiemans at DICE? :) (No offense)
Bernadet: As long as you know how to handle them, you’re fine :)
But seriously, I have seen a lot of questions about this topic. Of course there are differences between working with men and working with women. Every individual is different and you have to learn to work with anyone, men or women. The team dynamics is what is important in the end.
Tina: Getting a mix of men and women in a group is always a good thing, but as Bernadet says – it’s more about individuals and team dynamics. What I like working with men though is that the communication is very straightforward

Eat_pb: Have you ever been the subject of sexism while working in the Video Game industry? If so, when, where, and by whom?
Bernadet: I think this is a very good question. As yes, most of the people working in this studio are men (but just to be clear…there are female designers/developers/programmers here). And to be honest, I have never experienced anything in this field. The people here are not a bunch of kids and they know what is appropriate and what is not.

Gotcha84: How many female gamers do you know who are not also designers?
Bernadet: I have several female friends who are gamers and none of them are in the computer gaming industry. I think there is a misperception of how many female gamers there are out there. The ratio of men vs. women varies per game genre, but yes, there are also female shooter fans out there. So, beware!

Reveal: Should I try to get a job from DICE?
Bernadet: DICE is a great company to work for. Besides that they develop great and high quality games; they take care of their people. Ben posted a couple of openings some time ago on Twitter, go have a look!

VP: what idea do you think should be added to the game first when the game is release and ready for new content?
Bernadet: I believe that we should continuously bring out new content to keep the game interesting. What that content will be? Well, that is also dependent on the community. What do you want?

VP: are you going to force your male counterparts to make female models of the game?
Bernadet: We are not going to ‘force’ anyone to create female characters. This is a decision made by the team, who in turn listen to the community. But to all of you who are asking us if ‘we’ want female characters: Hell yeah!

JonJJon: Would you like the hugely wanted female heroes of Battlefield Heroes to be styled around you, the three female heroes of the real Battlefield team?
Bernadet: Of course it would be cool to see yourself in a game ;) Who would not want that?

VP: Is your life difficult due to the stress of completing the game in time? Have you worked overtime just to finish your work?
Bernadet: We are all in crunch mode, working on this game and everybody is doing overtime. But we love what we do :)

Åsa Carlsson
Development Director

Smash: If a game was said to be released in the summer of 2008, but has yet to be finished. Should you really be wasting time on forums instead of working?
Bernadet: I think there quite some misconceptions about these interviews and dev. profiles. The whole team is working really hard to get this game out there. And yes, we want to make a good game.
But all of us are also reading the forums, and are very happy to work with Goodman to give you guys a bit of insight on the team. When we do this? Well, mostly in the evenings, once we’re done with the over time

Charliebrown: do you own the guys when playing hehe
Bernadet: Some of them are easy to ‘own’ ROFL

Bovine Excrement: Any chance of getting a swimsuit edition of a BF:heroes calendar? :D
Bernadet: I am sure that the guys in our team would love to model for this calendar! ;)

Reveal: Is it sometimes hard to understand "The Geekuese" aka Geek language?
Bernadet: That’s what the internet is for. Online dictionaries!

VP: What’s your favorite movie?
Bernadet: Stealing Beauty by Benardo Bertolucci
Tina: Have some weird obsession with Miyazaki’s movies and Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal.

VP: what do you drink during meetings?(seen some drink diet)
Bernadet: Diet Coke, Earl Grey tea or Latte Macchiato

Skreeler: What is your favorite food?
Bernadet: Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Spanish…. How can you expect me to choose??

Not Steel! ╔╗MFCPU╔╗:If Goodman was the last human on Earth other than you, would you marry him?
Bernadet: I would marry Goodman any time! Have you seen how cute he is??

Whistler: Would you ever date a gamer? Do you find it annoying having a boyfriend/husband who plays games ALL the time?
Bernadet: I don’t see why not. Everybody should have something of their own in any relationship. One likes to play games, the other likes to read or whatever. Of course, it would be good that you have something in common that you can share together.
Tina: Why not? I see the potential for team play and epic Soul Calibur fights.

Sallas: This is the ultimate question: Lord of the rings or Star wars ?
Bernadet: Star Wars! Fantasy is great as well, but in the end I’m a sci-fi girl.

I hope you enjoyed the read!

- Goodman

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