March 13 2009 Pre Order A Server Get 16 Beta Keys

Pre-order a server, get 16 Beta Keys

Yes, you read that right.
If you pre-order a server from any of our game server providers you will be able to log in with up to 15 friends and get some practice playing Battlefield Heroes, while you wait for your very own server to become available.

You will find more information about renting servers and who our partners are by reading this news( ).

How does it work?
Very simple. Visit any of our partners, as mentioned in the above news and pre-order a server.
As soon as your order has been completed the server provider you have chosen will send you 16 Beta Keys within 7 days.

Already signed up for a Beta Key through our form( )?
Don't worry, we will continue sending out Beta Keys to people who signed up using the Beta Key sign up form (in the order of signing up) at the same rate. In other words, this will not delay the sending, nor reduce the number of Beta keys sent to people who signed up.

The Battlefield Heroes Team

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