March 11 2009 We Did A 1 Day Poll On The Beta Forums

We did a 1-day poll on the Beta forums

We asked: which class do you prefer?
(Including some quotes to go with the stats)

Commando 42.12% (174 votes)
- "I love sneaking around and sniping from hidden spaces"
- "Nothing beats sneaking up to someone and backstabbing them!"

Gunner 23.73% (98 votes)
- "I prefer the gunner becouse i'm more a close combat guy"
- "Gunners are the best. nothing can take them out, except a sniper or a soldier that hides really well."

Soldier 34.14% (141 votes)
- "soldier = rambo. That's me :)"
- "Soldier is a good class for when you really want to dive in the action or experience some teamwork. I love the grenade spam on that guy…flushing Commandos/other soldiers out of high/hard-to-reach places is so satisfying."

- "Well i like them all. each one has a different play style and if you spend some time playing each class you know how to handle them and how to get kill/points, but after all i voted for soldier, because they are the best team players imo."

You might decide what we ask next. Share your ideas for the next Beta poll.
(Keeping in mind that anyone in the Beta is still under NDA)


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