Jan 21 2009 | Battlefield Heroes Beta Key Sign Up

Hello Heroes,

Starting today you can register your interest in taking part in the next phase of the Battlefield Heroes Beta.

If you already received a beta key for the earlier Beta phase, you are automatically signed up for this new phase. So you don’t need to sign up again.

So, how do I sign-up?

* To be able to sign up you must be logged in. If you don’t have an EA Account already, you can sign up for one here( https://profile.ea.com/acctcreate.do ).
* Once you are logged in, head over to the sign-up form( http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/content/sign-up-for-the-beta-here11 ).

When does the next phase of the Heroes Beta start?

* Keep an eye on this website for more Beta announcements in the coming weeks.

How do you decide who gets a Beta invite?

Please keep in mind that we’ll be giving out Keys in the fairest way we can, which is as follows:

* Firstly, everyone still on the waiting list from the first Beta phase.
* Secondly, everyone else, including those who sign up on this page.

When you start the next phase of the Beta, how will I know if I’ve been accepted?

* As soon as a Beta slot opens up for you, we’ll contact you at the email address you use to log into the Heroes website.
* As the Beta progresses we’ll be letting more people in, so don’t be put off if you don’t get a key immediately. We’ll be adding a lot of people to the beta, so you will get your turn.

What is a beta?
As we develop a new game it goes through lots of phases. The final ones are called “Beta” and “Launch”. Launch is when we open the game up for the whole world to play. Before we do that we need to ensure everything is ready.

The Beta phase is like a rehearsal for the launch; where we test everything out with a small audience before allowing the rest of the world to play. In a beta you are likely to find lots of small things that don’t work as they should, we call these things “bugs”. We’ll need your help to find these bugs, so we can squash them.

After you've signed up, please feel free to discuss this on the forums( http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/forum/battlefield-heroes/beta-key-signup-is-now-live ).

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