Feb 6 2009 Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta Signups Reach Over 100 000

Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta Signups reach over 100,000

Hello Heroes,

The Battlefield Heroes team are really excited to announce that the number of signups for our upcoming Beta phase reached 103,125 this morning!

103,125 signups in 15 days equals 6,875 signups a day, 286 an hour or around 5 a minute – wow!

We’ll be back soon with information on when the next phase of the Beta starts – remember the first people to be invited to take part will be participants from the last Beta phase as well as those who applied during that phase but who never got a key.

I know some of your are a little frustrated while waiting for news, but we don’t want to talk about dates until we are 100% sure that we can hit them. While you are waiting why not get involved with the community on our forums?

Ben Cousins

Source: http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/news/battlefield-heroes-closed-beta-signups-reach-over-100000

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