Feb 24 2009 More Beta Keys

More Beta Keys

Hello Heroes!

Today we sent the last Beta Key out to the people on the waiting list from the first Beta phase.

Yep, that took a while; it was a long list. This means we have now mailed Beta Keys to everyone on the list supplied to us from QA Boss.

If you’re a regular on the site you’ll have read that we’ve been handing out keys in the fairest way we can:

* Firstly, everyone still on the waiting list from the first Beta phase. Done !
* Secondly, everyone else, including those of you who sign(ed) up using our form.

It’s going to take us a couple of days to soak in this new flood of players. After that we will be ready to steadily start sending out keys to everyone who has been patiently waiting since signing up on January the 21st.

Battlefield Twitterers
One great way of getting random bits of news on Heroes is following us on Twitter( http://twitter.com/bfheroes ). We use it to post small updates. The kind of update that is a bit too small for a news post out on the site, here. What little things? Things like the RPG Squirrel( http://twitpic.com/1l6z5 ) guarding the door.

— James

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