Feb 19 2009 We Ve Started Sending Out Beta Keys

We’ve started sending out Beta Keys

Hello everyone,

As some of our more devoted Twitter( http://twitter.com/bfheroes ) followers will have noticed, we have already sent out FOUR THOUSAND Beta Keys since yesterday.

These first Beta Keys are being sent to those who previously signed up for the BF Heroes Beta through QA Boss a while back.

We’re just getting started but we expect to accelerate the rate at which we distribute keys over the next few weeks.

Like we said in the earlier announcement, when all the keys for the QA Boss sign-ups have been sent out we plan to start sending them to those who signed up on our very own site.

When we reach this milestone we will definitely let you know. To those of you on the forums( you know who you are), if you did not sign up through QA Boss you don’t need to keep checking your email. Check back to our site regularly, sign up to the RSS feed, have a chat with others on the forums. Your time will come!

The Battlefield Heroes Team

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