Feb 15 2009 News From James

News from James

Hello Heroes!

As many of you know, we started the second phase of the beta on Wednesday.

The servers went live around 15:00 CET; allowing those who participated in the previous beta to sign back in. That’s around 20, 000 people.

We’ve been monitoring our network since Wednesday, to make sure it’s happy handing those 20, 000, before we invite more people. As much as I’d like to send beta keys to all 100, 000 of you right now, it would mean the servers would break, and no-one could play.

That said, we feel we can invite more people. So in the next week we’ll be mailing out several thousand new beta keys to the folks still on the waiting list from the previous beta phase. After this we will start sending out keys to people who signed up on this site.

On the subject of the previous beta phase, those keys were distributed by one of our partners, a company called QA Boss. We understand that a number of people they sent beta keys to, never actually received them. Commonly with mass mailing this is due to spam filters at your email provider. To stop spam even arriving at your inbox there are lists of ‘safe senders’ which email servers use to cut out spam. We are in contact with QA Boss to see if they have any information on who didn’t receive their key in the first beta phase. We’ll let you know how that goes.

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