Abilities are items that players can get by leveling up in Battlefield Heroes. Here are some know abilities:

Commando Abilities:

  • Laying traps
  • Cloaking

Soldier Abilities:

  • Incendiary rounds
  • health boost (this heals allies around you)
  • Throwing multiple grenades
  • Sixth-Sense (can help determine the enemy's location, outlines nearby opponents even if the enemy is behind a wall)

Gunner Abilities:

  • Picking up grenades and throwing them back

Other Abilities

  • I Eat Grenades ability (absorb grenades and heal the player)
  • Blasting Strike ability (Flings any nearby tanks, jeeps and infantry into the air)
  • Life-Points Boost, and Incendiary Ammo.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlefield_Heroes

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